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Saraswati Om’s Blog – The Radiant Life

Lorie (Saraswati Om) Bebber is the director of the Dharma Yoga Syracuse in Syracuse, New York. Teaching yoga for nearly 15 years and practicing 20, in 2008 she completed her 500 hour Life of a Yogi Teaching Immersion with her guru Sri Dharma Mittra, a living yoga master, who is a proponent of a strict vegetarian diet and compassion toward all beings. In addition to teaching regularly scheduled Dharma Yoga classes at Dharma Yoga Syracuse, she is on staff of the Life Of a Yogi Teacher Training program where she assists Sri Dharma and mentors sadhakas (spiritual aspirants) in classical yoga, yogic philosophy, as well as sattvic-ahara (yogic diet).

Saraswati Om maintains the tradition of living the life of a yogi leading by example, including observing a vegan diet and lifestyle for nearly twenty years. She believes that success in yoga may only be achieved if we are to first follow the Yamas + Niyamas (ethical rules), which are the foundation of any yogic practice. The most important of these being ahimsa, compassion and love toward all. She leads lectures, workshops, and group cleanses to assist students in attaining peace and radiant health through the principles of a plant-based, yogic diet. Saraswati Om has dedicated her life to service to the guru and humanity, and offers vast knowledge and support to all who seek the path of classical yoga. You can receive information on continuing to uncover your own health and radiance on her website For more information about Dharma Yoga Syracuse visit, or her teacher visit